Defining a Data Source

A data source is the DMSII database or FileXtract file that you want the Client to replicate. The DBServer control file (on the host) identifies each data source by name in the section that uses the key-word SOURCE. The name A SOURCE has a FORMAT, FILTER and SUPPORT specification.

If you use Enterprise Server, each data source will be associated with a SOURCE in the Enterprise Server configuration file. This SOURCE is based on a base data source that matches a SOURCE in DBServer. If you use the base source without any additional filtering applied by Enterprise Server, the DBServer and Enterprise Server sources are identical and completely interchangeable.

Each data source has an entry in the DATASOURCES Client control table. The hostname column identifies the Server (DBServer on the host or Enterprise Server on a Windows system) by the domain name or IP address and the hostport column identifies the port on which the Server listens for incoming connections. You can switch the server from the Server Accessory to Enterprise Server simply by changing the values of these two columns.

Note: DATABridge FileXtract sources may be used for Client operations. These sources are made to look like their original DMSII sources.