Service Log

Specify your settings for service log files. Service logs store all activity related to the service and are created in the logs subdirectory of the Client working directory.

Start new log on new day (newfile_on_newday)

Use this parameter to determine if the program creates a new log file, when it's created, and if the log file was created on an earlier date. A new log file is created when the date changes.

Switch log daily (logsw_on_newday)

Creates a new log file if the date changes when the service is running.

Switch log on size (logsw_on_size)

Creates a new log file when the current log file reaches the specified size limit. If new and old log files have the same creation date, a time stamp is included in the filename to ensure that it is unique.

Filename prefix (file_name_prefix)

Specify a string (up to 20 characters in length) to change the default prefix "cp" of the log files.

Maximum file size (max_file_size)

Specify the size limit of service log files by entering a number and a suffix of K, M and G to indicate the unit of measure (kilobyte, megabyte, or gigabyte).