WinINSTALL MSI Packager Professional 9.0 Hotfix 3



Base WinINSTALL Version:          9.00.0000 (English)

Hotfix WinINSTALL Version:         9.00.0003 (English)


Product affected by this hotfix:



Product version information:


            WinINSTALL hotfixes are cumulative, and include all fixes for issues corrected in all previous hotfixes.  However, depending on which files are updated in this hotfix or in previous hotfixes, certain areas of the product will report a product version corresponding to the previous hotfixes or the base product release.  Following correct application of this hotfix, the following versions should be observed in Add/Remove Programs (ARP) or in Help / About:



ARP Version

About/Agent Version





Files included in this hotfix:



Old Version(s)

New Version





Hotfix description and installation instructions (this file)




Hotfix installation program




Hotfix installation program control file




Hotfix patch file








Runtime files for MSPApply.exe


Files modified by this hotfix (in C:\Program Files\OnDemand\WinINSTALL\Bin):



Old Version(s)

New Version



Updated Discover program

Dated 2/7/2007

Dated 8/20/2007

Updated MSI/MSM template cabinet file


Issues addressed in this hotfix:


Issue: DTR 297175 (18313) – Transforms created by Discover report error during installation.


Description: Transforms created by Discover cause MSI installations to fail with error code 1624.


Resolution: A number of problems were found and corrected when creating the “After” MSI file used to generate the transform, including incorrect paths used, and File/Media table consistency issues.


Issue: DTR 297161 (18302) – Discover is unable to produce MSI transforms correctly from an MSI package.


Description: Discover does not correctly produce an MSI transform (MST file) when asked to do so via the Advanced wizard selection.


Resolution: Several changes were made to Discover to correct transform generation issues, including a new file with schema information for MSI 1.0 (pre-release for some Office releases), and changes to use the correct logic for determining whether or not to generate a transform.


Issue: DTR 300576 – Transform created by Discover can't find needed files.


Description: Transforms created for certain MSI files can contain references to source file paths that conflict with file paths in the original MSI files, resulting in the install failing when the referenced files cannot be found.


Resolution: Some issues were corrected with conflicting file locations (folders).  In cases where the “Before” and “After” MSI files have collisions in file locations, the files will be relocated according to the “Before” MSI file’s Directory table.


Install instructions for this hotfix:


  1. MSPApply.exe will run automatically from the self-extractor, or can be launched from the PO_9.00.0003 folder created by the self-extractor.
  2. Click on the Apply Patch… button.
  3. Click on Yes to confirm you want to install the hotfix patch.
  4. After a few minutes of progress, the Status dropdown should show “Patch application successful for Attachmate WinINSTALL MSI Packager Professional.”
  5. If necessary, examine the MSPApply.log file created in the same folder as MSPApply.exe.