WinINSTALL DMS/DAS 9.0 Hotfix 2



Base WinINSTALL Version:          9.00.0000 or 9.00.0001 (English)

Hotfix WinINSTALL Version:         9.00.0002 (English)


Products affected by this hotfix:



Files included in this hotfix:



Old Version(s)

New Version





Hotfix description and installation instructions (this file)




Hotfix installation trigger file




Updated agent MSI file




Updated console MSI file


Updated console module for the machine list


Updated configuration/transaction file module


Updated console module for PXE Client Reset


Updated agent module providing utility functions


Updated console module for patch management


Updated console module for PXE Client Reset


Updated console resource file


Updated agent module for handling scheduling


Updated agent module for handling patch management


*          The WIPXECr.dll and WICRAgent.dll files are only needed for DAS.  The DMS product does not require these files, though they can be added to the DMS share with no ill effect.


Issues addressed in this hotfix:


Issue: DTR 18183 – (DAS only) Optimize query for Create PXE Clients dialog.


Description: The query for available machines in the Create PXE Clients dialog screen can cause a long delay in larger environments.


Resolution: The query has been rewritten to significantly reduce the delay.


Issue: DTR 18203 – (DAS only) Client Reset server agent fails to connect to the WinINSTALL database.


Description: The Client Reset agent on the PXE server can intermittently attempt to use a stale database connection.  Once this occurs, the agent will log a DB connection error in the Event Viewer every 2 minutes.  Furthermore, clients of that server attempting to reset will fail with "TFTP file not found."  This state persists until the Master Agent on the server is stopped and restarted.


Resolution: The agent database access method has been corrected to avoid this problem.


Issue: DTR 18190 – Failed to update Windows Update Agent errors due to download failures.


Description: Under certain circumstances (due to timing issues) the download of the Windows Update Agent update executables fails on server agents. As a result, agents report "Failed to update Windows Update Agent," and some agents may then fail to perform scans and remediations.


Resolution: The server agent has been modified to prevent two threads from conflicting with each other.


Issue: DTR 18192 – Machines->All Machines->Licenses page shows bad data in columns.


Description: Some of the information displayed on the licenses page is incorrect.


Resolution: The console has been modified to correct the storage and display of license information.


Issue: DTR 18194 – Existing Schedules disappear after upgrade to 9.0.


Description: After updating the WinINSTALL database to 9.0 from a prior version, scheduled jobs no longer show up in the console.


Resolution: The console has been modified to correctly display pre-existing and new jobs.


Issue: DTR 18109 – Patch Management Create Package and Add Package to List functions prompt for each vulnerability.


Description: Selecting multiple remediations to download and create packages and/or add packages to list requires the user to click ‘Yes’ to enable the download of each selected remediation.


Resolution: A ‘Yes to All’ option has been added to the dialog.


Issue: DTR 18200: - Viewing License detail information in large environment takes a long time.


Description: Adding a new license or viewing the license count for an existing license can take an unacceptably long time in some environments, especially those with over 2,000 nodes.


Resolution: Some improvements were made in database queries used to generate the license data for display that significantly reduced the amount of time (and resources used) to gather license data.


Issue: DTR 18247 – Patch Management replication of Alternate Scan Source fails due to share ownership duplication.


Description: In some pathological cases, a WinINSTALL share may appear to be owned by more than one server.  This may cause the wrong server to be used as the server for replication of the Alternate Scan Source.


Resolution: An internal check is now made to ensure that the correct owner is used in these cases.


Issue: DTR 18246 – Patch Management Alternate Scan Source incorrectly deleted on replication failure.


Description: The WSUSSCN32.CAB and MSOLRSRC.NAI files are deleted after downloading the alternate scan source if the replication job to copy these files to other servers fails or is put into the pending queue, rendering them unavailable to all servers.


Resolution: The Alternate Scan Source files are no longer deleted on a replication failure, and additional logging has been added in this area.


Issue: DTR 16579 – Recurring scheduled jobs incorrectly excluded from processing.


Description: In some cases, if a recurring scheduled job (e.g. daily, no end date) is in the queue, and another non-recurring job completes, the recurring job may be inadvertently excluded from future processing.


Resolution: The Scheduler agent now correctly handles this case, and recurring jobs will not be incorrectly treated as if they had completed all processing.


Issue: DTR 18253 – Some jobs stay in the “Running” state forever, even when completed.


Description: Some Two-Phase Distribution, Patch Management or Personality Transfer jobs show as “Running” in the console forever, even when the jobs have completed (failure or success).


Resolution: Transaction file processing now correctly serializes access to a counter used to generate XML file names that was causing the same file to be used for two different requests in some cases, causing some status updates to be lost.


Issue: DTR 18209 – Global Patch Management scan job support.


Description: Unlike most other types of scheduled jobs, Patch Management jobs couldn’t be scheduled to “All workstations”, “All servers” or “All workstations and servers”, but could only be scheduled to specific lists of workstations or servers, so new workstations wouldn’t automatically pick-up scan jobs when added to the network.


Resolution: The Patch Management user interface has been changed to allow Patch Management jobs to be scheduled to the same types of targets as are allowed for other scheduled jobs.


Install instructions for this hotfix:


  1. Save copies of any files replaced by this hotfix so they can be restored for patching to official releases.
  2. Copy all of the files in this hotfix to each share's Bin folder.  *Note: The files WICRAgent.dll and WIPXECr.dll are only needed for DAS.  The DMS product does not require either of these two files.
  3. Start the console, which will then automatically upgrade.
  4. From the console, re-start any agents, which will then automatically upgrade the agents:
    1. Select the machine or machines to be upgraded in the machine list.
    2. Right click / Agent Maintenance / Stop Agent / OK.
    3. Right click / Agent Maintenance / Start Agent / OK.
    4. Upon startup, the agents should update.
  5. Verify that SNAPMACH.dll (on console machines) and WIUpdateAgent.dll (on all machines with WinINSTALL agents installed) has been updated in the local \Program Files\OnDemand\WinINSTALL\Bin folder.


Note 1:  The default for all agents is to check for upgrades on startup.  Please confirm that this option has been set in Agent Settings… / Advanced / Check for upgrade at startup, and set if necessary.

Note 2:  After the agents are properly updated, the console will show the correct version (9.00.0002) when a machine is viewed.  However, when new machines are deployed from a share with the hotfix installed, they will initially show the base version (9.00.0000), but will show the correct version following the next time they are restarted.