WinINSTALL 8.70.04 DMS/DAS Hotfix



Base WinINSTALL Version:          8.70.0401 or 8.70.0402 (Japanese)

Hotfix WinINSTALL Version:         8.70.0403 (Japanese)


Products affected by this hotfix:



Files included in this hotfix:



Old Version

New Version





Hotfix description and installation instructions (this file).




Hotfix installation trigger file.




Updated console module for PXE Client Reset.




Updated console module for Patch Management.




Updated agent module for PXE Client Reset.




Updated console MSI file.




Updated agents MSI file.


*          The WIPXECr.dll and WICRAgent.dll files are only needed for DAS, as well as WIAgents.msi.  The DMS product does not require these files, though they can be added to the DMS share with no ill effect.


Issue addressed in this hotfix:


Issue: DTR 18183 – Optimize query for Create PXE Clients dialog.


Description: The query for available machines in the Create PXE Clients dialog screen can cause a long delay in larger environments.


Resolution: The query has been rewritten to significantly reduce the delay.


Issue: DTR 17974 – Cannot download or refresh Japanese patch bulletin information with the shortcut bar closed.


Description: In the Japanese console, if the shortcut bar is closed, patch bulletin information cannot be downloaded or refreshed.  An HTTP BAD REQUEST (400) error is received.


Resolution: With the shortcut bar closed, a garbage application name was being sent with the HTTP request.  This has been corrected.


Issue: DTR 18275 – April 2007 Japanese MSSecure.xml file no longer parsed by the console.


Description: MSSecure.xml files prior to April 10, 2007 had an error which WinINSTALL compensated for in Patch Management.  Microsoft corrected the error in MSSecure.xml, but the code to compensate for the original error caused the file to no longer be parsed by the console for Japanese, French and German.


Resolution: The MSSecure.xml parsing code has been modified to deal with both the broken MSSecure.xml, and the corrected version.


Issue: DTR 18282 – After previous Japanese bulletin download failures, bulletins display in English and not Japanese by default.


Description: Related to DTR 18275, if a previous download of MSSecure.xml fails, when the issue is resolved, the default language for the bulletins changes from its previous setting (e.g. Japanese) to English.  It can be manually changed back via the UI, in which case the bulletins will be downloaded in the correct language.


Resolution: The MSSecure.xml parsing code has been modified to deal with both the broken MSSecure.xml, and the corrected version.


Issue: DTR 18283 – The patch bulletins list may appear to be blank after bulletins are downloaded.


Description: After downloading bulletins, the bulletin list may not be properly refreshed, and appears blank.


Resolution: The display issue with refreshing the bulletin list view was corrected so that the list is properly re-drawn following a download.


Issue: DTR 18288 – Reset of a Japanese system with a template that both enables the firewall and deploys WinINSTALL agents results in a corrupt SIF error.


Description: If a Japanese XP machine is reset with the firewall enabled and the template includes deployment of the WinINSTALL agents, the reset will fail with an error regarding SIF file corruption due to use of localized (Japanese) characters in the SIF file.


Resolution: The PXE Client Reset agent was changed to generate a SIF using English characters, as Microsoft doesn’t support localized SIF files.


Install instructions for this hotfix:


  1. Save copies of any files replaced by this hotfix so they can be restored for patching to official releases.
  2. Copy all of the files in this hotfix to each share's Bin folder.  *Note: The files WICRAgent.dll and WIPXECr.dll are only needed for DAS.  The DMS product does not require either of these two files.
  3. Start the console, which will then offer to automatically upgrade.  Allow the upgrade.
  4. From the console, re-start any agents, which will then automatically upgrade the agents:
    1. Select the machine or machines to be upgraded in the machine list.
    2. Right click / Agent Maintenance / Stop Agent / OK.
    3. Right click / Agent Maintenance / Start Agent / OK.
    4. Upon startup, the agents should update.
  5. Verify that WIPXECR.dll and WIPatchCfgu.dll (on console machines) and WICRAgent.dll (on all machines with DAS WinINSTALL agents installed) has been updated in the local \Program Files\OnDemand\WinINSTALL\Bin folder.


Note 1:  The default for all agents is to check for upgrades on startup.  Please confirm that this option has been set in Agent Settings… / Advanced / Check for upgrade at startup, and set if necessary.

Note 2:  After the DAS agents are properly updated, the console will show the correct version (8.70.0403) when a machine is viewed.  However, when new machines are deployed from a share with the hotfix installed, they will initially show the base version (actually, 8.70.0400, not 8.70.0401), but will show the correct version following the next time they are restarted (and updated).