ReadMe for WinINSTALL 8.70.03

Starting the Console for the first time

When you start the console for the first time, you may be prompted by the Default Settings Wizard for the location of your WinINSTALL database and WinINSTALL share. Please have these items of information available when you start the console.


To deploy the WinINSTALL agent automatically from the console, the logged-in account must have administrative rights to the machine where you are deploying the agent infrastructure.  (The credentials specified in the deployment UI are for the operation of the agents on the target machine, not for deploying the agent.)


Windows 95 machines must have WinSock 2 installed in order to install and run the WinINSTALL agent.

Conflict Assessment

You create baselines for conflict assessments on the baseline machines themselves.  You run the baseline generator program, WIBaselineGen.exe, which will be found in the \bin directory of the WinINSTALL share.


Replication is possible only between 'server' class machines. That is, both source and target machines must be designated 'servers' and be 'deployed'.

Sample Packages

WinINSTALL provides a number of sample packages for distribution.  To avoid inadvertent installations, these packages as supplied are disabled for both install and uninstall.  To use one of these packages, please remember to enable the package before distribution.


Upgrading from an Evaluation Copy to a Permanent License

If you have an evaluation version of WinINSTALL Desktop Management Suite or Desktop Availability Suite installed but have purchased a permanent license, you can directly upgrade your installed evaluation version to a fully licensed version.   To enter a permanent license key, simply click the Change button on the console Help/About screen and enter the license key on the provided dialog.   Doing so will update the product to a permanent license.  


Support Forum

AttachmateWRQ provides a free forum for support and discussion of all WinINSTALL products at