Attachmate Verastream Transaction Integrator Guide


Create User-Defined Project Types

Instead of using the Web Builder-supplied project types, you can create your own and make them available for use with subsequent new projects. Additionally, you can custoize the manner in which Web Builder generates projects so each project will work for your specific client applications.

To create a user-defined project type
  1. In Web Builder, click Options, and then User-defined Project Types. The User-defined Project Types dialog box displays.

  2. Click New.

  3. From the Copy this project type list, select the project type that most closely resembles the new project type you want to create. This will be the template for your new project type.

  4. Enter the name and description for the project type.

  5. Click Build.

Customize New Project Type Files

After you finish creating a new project type, you can modify the files that are used to build the project. The resources folder contains the files you need to modify for each project.

To modify the project type files
  1. In the User-Defined Project Types dialog box, select the project type you want to modify, click Explore.

    This opens the <install directory>Web Builder\lib\webbuilder\userpluginprojects\<ProjectName>resources directory.

  2. Make whatever modifications are needed to the files contained in the Resources directory subdirectories.
    Open this directory
    To do this
    UI To change the icons
    tasks To change XSL
    project To re-create build.xml, an ANT build file
  3. In the User-Defined Project Types dialog box, select your new project type and click Rebuild to incorporate the changes into the new project type.


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