Attachmate Verastream Transaction Integrator Guide


Build a Web Builder Project

NOTE: You must have a Transaction Designer project deployed before you can associate it with a new Web Builder project. All deployed Transaction Designer projects are listed in the drop down list on the New Project dialog box.

To build a new Web Builder project
  1. From the Project menu, click New.

  2. In the left pane, click either the Java, or .NET tab depending on the type of project you want to build. The Other tab is not implemented in this version of Web Builder.
    If you are building a
    Do this
    Java project Choose either an ICA Task File or Task Beans.

    An ICA (IConnectorAccess) Task File uses an Attachmate API to generate an XML task file which can be easily used for Web applications. Task Beans are Java beans which use the Attachmate ITask API to create client applications within a Java environment. If you choose to generate task beans, validation for short name support is available in the designer, under Preferences. This can aid in avoiding naming conflicts when generating beans.

    .NET project Generate a legacy Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Web service. To generate .NET Web services you must have the Transaction Integrator client feature already installed.
  3. Select the Transaction Designer project that Web Builder will use to build the project.

  4. A Web Builder project name is created automatically. Edit this setting if necessary.

    The name you enter here is used to generate directory and file names. Web Builder may alter this name to accommodate your operating system. For example, an underscore is used if spaces are not allowed, and numbers are appended to projects with the same name.

  5. Click Properties to set properties specific to this project. This opens the Project Properties dialog box. Adjust the settings as needed.

  6. Click Build.


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