Attachmate Verastream Transaction Integrator Guide


Map Client Schema to Host Program Data Structure

What is a client schema map?

Each element in a client operation must map to exactly one data item in the data structure. All items in the data structure do not have to be mapped, and some items may be mapped to more than one element.

Note: When you create a new client operation a mapping is automatically created between the host transaction's data structure and the elements in the client operation unless you select Create empty client operation in the Create a New Client Operation dialog box.

To map the client operation to the host program data structure
Before you can map your client operation elements to the data structure, you must open the project, containing the host transaction and client operation, in the Transaction Designer.
  1. In the Project Explorer pane, click the client operation you want to map. This opens the client operation editor in the right pane.
    If you are
    Then this
    Using the default mapping option The elements have mapping values already in place that correspond to the data items in the data structure.
    Not using the default mapping option You must map each element of the client operation to data items in the data structure.
    1. Select the top level of the client operation, right-click to access the menu items.
    2. Depending on your selection you can map a new child or sibling object, as well as select the type of object you are mapping.
    3. A new node displays in the client operation tree. Name the object using the Properties pane at the bottom of the designer.
    4. Right-click the newly named object and select Create Mapping. The New Mapping dialog displays.
    5. Select the element on the left and the data item to which it should map on the right and click OK.
  2. Drag and drop each element in the client schema to a hierarchical location that matches the hierarchy of the data structure.
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