Attachmate Verastream Transaction Integrator Guide


Starting and Stopping the Runtime Service

After installing and configuring the runtime server, you must start the service.

In Windows, you can run the service either as a Windows service or in application mode. In UNIX, you can run the service as a daemon in the background.

In a Windows environment

In a UNIX environment

From the following directory, for both root and non-root users, use the run-time wrapper script to start, stop, and restart the daemon as indicated:

\Attachmate\Verastream\Transaction Integrator\Server\<host_type>
Use this command
To do this start Starts the runtime service, which starts in the background and writes its process ID to CICSServer/, and logs output to CICSServer/log/runtime.log
./ stop Stop the runtime service
./ restart Restart the runtime service
./ status Obtain runtime service status
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