Attachmate Verastream Transaction Integrator Guide


Setting Up the Runtime Environment

IMPORTANT: You must configure your runtime environment and start the runtime service before you can successfully provide host access for your client applications.

The runtime environment includes the mainframe computer (with either CICS or IMS installed), the runtime server, and the client computers. The components can be installed on one computer or you can have separate servers and run your client applications on individual client computers.

Before you begin:

To connect the runtime server with a target CICS system on the mainframe using TCP/IP, you must first install the Attachmate TCP/IP connectivity feature on the mainframe. This feature runs as a server inside the CICS Web Support framework and sends HTTP over TCP/IP into CICS. This provides the functionality necessary for the runtime server to communicate with CICS. The Transaction Integrator CICS TCP/IP Connectivity Installation Guide walks you through this process.

How to set up the runtime environment

The Task Integrator supports TCP/IP host connections and requires some set-up. In most cases, regardless of your network configuration, you need to take the following steps:

Read the Installation and Configuration Guide for more detailed instructions on setting up the runtime environment and to review samples to aid you in accurately configuring your system.

In this Section

Provide Host Access to Client Operations

Provide Client Access to Runtime Servers