Attachmate Verastream Transaction Integrator Guide


Walk-Through: Configuring Your Runtime Environment

There are three major steps involved in configuring your Transaction Integrator runtime environment:

  1. Installing and configuring one or more runtime servers, including setting up your host connection and providing the JAR files necessary for runtime to client communication.

    Configure your host connection using the server configuration file (CICSConnectorConfig.xml or IMSConnCfg.xml located in the ...\Attachmate\Verastream\TransactionIntegrator\<host_type>Server\Config directory.

  2. Editing your classpath to handle the client support files that were installed when you chose the client option.

    A complete list of these files is provided in the installation guide.

  3. Editing the or file to enable client-side logging and tracing and other general client property options.

    This file is located in the cfg directory of either the Java-provided location, user.home or in a location you specified as a "System" property (attachmate.home.)

Complete step-by-step instructions, in PDF format, are available in the Transaction Integrator Installation and Configuration Guide.

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