Attachmate Verastream Transaction Integrator Guide


Transaction Integrator Overview

Transaction Integrator makes legacy data and logic available as Web services, Java beans, or XML data for integration with custom applications that require transaction-based host data from CICS or IMS applications. This process allows data trapped in a proprietary host data format (CICS) to be accessible in user-friendly, Web-based applications. These applications can combine disparate data sources and incorporate new business logic, all without having to reprogram your original host applications.

Designing Solutions

With Transaction Designer, you can import COBOL copybooks that describe the transactions that you want to expose through your custom application. Client operations expose only the data fields that you choose, allowing for security and simplicity within your application.

Creating Interface Objects

Depending on the application that you want to use, Web Builder builds the appropriate project type: in a Java environment, choose ICA Task Files or ITask Task Beans, or build legacy Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Web services. Your application can subsequently use Attachmate interfaces to send and receive data from the host.


There are three basic steps required when creating an interface object:
  1. Create a host transaction to reference a COBOL program on the host, and identify COBOL copybooks as input, output, or both.

  2. Create a client operation to map operation elements to the host program data structure, specifying inputs, and outputs from the host program, and which data items from the COBOL copybooks specified in the host program data structure to include in the input and output for the interface object.

  3. In Web Builder, create a Web Builder project associated with your client schema, configure the project type, and build the interface object necessary for your client applications.

Product Walk-through

The Transaction Integrator walk-through introduces you to the process and components of a Verastream Transaction Integrator solution at a high level, preparing you to better understand the product, terminology, and documentation.

Walk-Through Topics
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