Attachmate Verastream Transaction Integrator Guide


Native Win32 Technologies

A COM interface is provided for developers who prefer native Win32 environments (such as ASPs, VisualBasic, or C#)

The CICS Connector Proxy Service

CICS Connector Proxy Service is a proxy service that maintains a single instance of the Java Virtual Machine and services DCOM requests for client operation execution via IConnectorAccess (ICA).

The client needs to set certain parameters to the JVM that this COM interface will invoke. The two values passed in are the "Connector" property and the "Classpath" property.

If you have installed the client environment via the client installer (or as a result of installing Transaction Designer or the run-time), then the Windows registry contains entries for the "Classpath" in the registry at:


To see how the "Connector" property is passed in, see the comments in the CICSCOMClient.cpp file in the sample application. For more information about the sample, see the topic, COM Interface Sample Application.

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