How to Use Web Builder

Using your designer project files and Web Builder, you can build and deploy interface objects for use in your client applications.

NOTE: You must create and save a Transaction Designer project before you can associate it with a new Web Builder project. All completed Transaction Designer projects are listed in the Web Builder New Project dialog box drop down list.

The basic Web Builder workflow:

  1. Use the Task Integration Designer to create a project.
  2. Open Web Builder and set the project properties to use when building the Web Builder project.
  3. Build the project.
  4. Deliver the project to developers who can use the project resource files to enhance, consume, or access host data.

To access Web Builder:
From the...
Designer Actions > Web Builder or click the Web Builder icon on the standard toolbar
Start menu Programs>Attachmate Verastream>Transaction Integrator>Web Builder

Web Builder icons


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