Configuring Default Project Properties

Default project properties are those properties that are used by Web Builder to build projects for each project type. You can edit these properties for specific projects without changing the defaults set here.

To set default project properties
  1. From the Web Builder Project menu, click Default Project Properties.

  2. In the left pane select the applicable project type. Different default properties display in the right pane depending on your selection.

  3. Edit the properties as needed.

    If you are building
    Do this
    ICA Task File Enter a unique task file name
    Task Beans
    • Package name —Create a unique package name for your Web Builder project.
    • Generate short API names — The checkbox is selected by default. Select this option to shorten task API names based on the name of the copybook field. Otherwise, the format of task bean API names is configured as traditional long names constructed with full parental heritage to match the copybook hierarchy.
    • Generate Javadoc documentation —Select this option to generate Javadoc documentation for the methods in the generated source code. The checkbox is selected by default.
    • Include source code in archive (.jar file) —Select this option to include the source files, along with the compiled classes, in the .jar file.
    Visual Studio .NET 2003 Web Service Enter a unique service name

  4. Click OK.

You can restore the original default property settings for all project types at anytime by clicking Defaults.


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