Verastream SDK for Airlines
Using Verastream SDK with Visual C++

Before Verastream SDK can be used with a Visual C++ project, you must expand the Include path to include VSDKDefs.h from the SDK include directory (one time only), and you must add the Type Library Files (.tlb) to each project that you are using with the SDK. Once completed, the Verastream SDK COM classes are accessible within that project. A simple test project is recommended to ensure full functionality before project development.


Attachmate Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines objects require Visual C++ 2010 or later. Using SDK objects in Visual C++ applications requires a fundamental knowledge of the COM architecture.


COM and .NET applications developed with the Verastream SDK do not support the 64-bit JRE . For these applications, use the 32-bit JRE. Running a COM or .NET application using the 64-bit JRE causes COM automation error 80131534, as displayed in the following message:

Run-time error '-2146233036(80131534)'
The type initializer for 'SessionLoader.SessionLoader' threw an exception.

Using the SDK with Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)

To add VSDKDefs.h to your Include path:
  1. From the Tools menu, select Options.

  2. Select Directories to add the SDK include directory to your Include path.

To include the Verastream SDK COM objects in Visual C++:
  1. Create a new MFC project, or open an existing project.

  2. From the View menu, select ClassWizard.

  3. On the Message Map tab of the MFC ClassWizard dialog box, click Add Class, and then select From A Type Library.

  4. On the Import From Type Library dialog box, browse to the SDK include directory (<Installation Location>\include).

  5. Select SessionLoader.tlb, and then click Open.

  6. On the Confirm Classes dialog box, click OK to confirm the selected object.

  7. Repeat this procedure to import Mutable.tlb and ScreenUPG.tlb1.

    The selected objects appear on the ClassView tab.

  1. If you want to use the SendStatus, RawDataTransmitBytes, and getCapturedBytes methods, you must use the following files that are included with the MFC Events sample application (<Installation Location>\Program Files (x86)\Attachmate\VerastreamSDK\samples\MFC):

    • iscreenupg.h

    • iscreenupg.cpp

    These methods are not properly imported with the Class Wizard. For more information about importing files with the Class Wizard, see

The sample application MFC Events illustrates how to use the SDK with Visual C++.

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