Verastream SDK for Airlines
Development Tools Supported

You can access the SDK objects from any Java or .NET/COM–automation-compatible development tool.

Note The .NET/COM support is a choice available during SDK installation. It is intended for those development tools that utilize .NET/COM interfaces. For example, to use Visual C++, you must install the SDK objects with COM support. For more information on how to install the .NET/COM support, see Installing the Verastream SDK.

You must make sure that your development tool's IDE contains the SDK objects before you create an SDK application. Each SDK object module contains built-in type library files (.tlb) or .jar files that you can add to the library references of your development tool. To minimize the compilation time of your host-access application, each module contains only the information about the objects contained within that specific module. Each tool-specific topic indicates which files you need to add to your IDE.

For specific requirements for using a tool with the Verastream SDK, choose from the following:

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