Verastream SDK for Airlines
Using the Verastream SDK with Active Server Pages

You can use Attachmate Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines objects in Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) on any Web server that supports ASP.


Refer to the ASP sample applications for examples of how to set up an Active Server Page that uses SDK objects.

COM and .NET applications developed with the Verastream SDK do not support the 64-bit JRE . For these applications, use the 32-bit JRE. Running a COM or .NET application using the 64-bit JRE causes COM automation error 80131534, as displayed in the following message:

Run-time error '-2146233036(80131534)'
The type initializer for 'SessionLoader.SessionLoader' threw an exception.

Following are some basic guidelines on using SDK objects with ASP:

Note It is also recommended that you enter an appropriate value for the Session Timeout. An ASP session automatically ends if the user has not requested or refreshed a page in an application by the end of the timeout period (the default period is 20 minutes). Limiting the session timeout value can be important because an SDK object is not automatically freed from memory when a user closes a client application (browser); it is only freed when the timeout value is reached. A script can also explicitly end a session by using the Session.Abandon method. Even when session state is enabled for an application, you can disable session state for an individual ASP page by using the @enablesessionstate=false directive.
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