Verastream SDK for Airlines
C# Sample Code

The following C# sample applications are provided:

Application Description
ALC Apollo The CSharpEvents sample in the CSharp directory demonstrates how to connect to ALC Apollo in order to receive events in .NET using delegates and how to place the application screen in and out of structured data mode. Structured data mode allows the application to send binary (non-screen based) transactions to the host.

The ALC Apollo version of CSharpEvents is located in the (default) <Installation_directory>\Program Files (X86)\Attachmate\VerastreamSDK\Samples\.NET\CSharp.

You must modify the sample application source code, replacing “SON/999999@E” with an appropriate signon for your host followed by @E.

You must also modify the source code to include the structured data you want to send in the following string:

string testString = "This is a structured data mode test";

Compile the program, then execute it, passing the address of the configuration server and the ID of the workstation as parameters to initiate the host connection.


The CSharpEvents sample in the CSharpUTS directory demonstrates how to connect a UTS Demand session in order to receive events in .NET using delegates. 

The UTS version of CSharpEvents is located in the (default) <Installation_directory>\Program Files (x86)\Attachmate\VerastreamSDK\samples\.NET\CSharpUTS

To run this application, you must modify the declarations at the top of the program, entering appropriate values for your host address, terminal ID, and User ID/Password.

You may also modify the security parameters if you want to establish a secured connection (after first setting up a keystore file as described in Setting up the SDK for Secure Connections ).

Then compile and execute the program.

For more information about XML configurations, see Defining an XML Configuration.


COM and .NET applications developed with the Verastream SDK do not support the 64-bit JRE . For these applications, use the 32-bit JRE. Running a COM or .NET application using the 64-bit JRE causes COM automation error 80131534, as displayed in the following message:

Run-time error '-2146233036(80131534)'
The type initializer for 'SessionLoader.SessionLoader' threw an exception.

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