Verastream SDK for Airlines
Installing the Verastream SDK

Installation Overview

You can install the Verastream SDK on a workstation, or you can create an administrative installation. An administrative installation image is a network share that includes an image of the downloaded product distribution or CD. This image can later be used to install the SDK on multiple workstations, either through end-user installations or by using deployment tools.

This topic includes instructions for the following tasks:

Verifying the .NET framework and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Make sure the Microsoft .NET framework and the Oracle JRE are installed as required:


COM and .NET applications developed with the Verastream SDK do not support the 64-bit JRE . For these applications, use the 32-bit JRE.

The Verastream SDK setup tool does not install the .NET framework or the JRE. You will need to install them separately.

Installing the Verastream SDK on a Workstation

You can install the Verastream SDK to a workstation from the distributed install image (or CD) or from an administrative installation image.

Caution Disable any virus-scanning software before beginning any installation. Running virus-scanning software during installation can result in missing or corrupted files, or other installation errors.

To verify that your machine meets the system requirements prior to installing the SDK, see System Requirements.

To install the Verastream SDK on a Windows Machine:
Note You must log on with administrator privileges to install the product. If you do not have the necessary access rights, ask your system administrator to elevate your privileges.

  1. From the distribution (or CD) image or an administrative installation image, click the setup.exe file, and then follow the instructions for the installer.

  2. (Optional) To personalize the installation, click the User Information tab and enter the name, organization, and Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) number (if you have a VPA). VPA numbers are issued by Attachmate for volume purchase agreements. These numbers allow customer support to expedite service requests.

  3. (Optional) To change the default installation folder, click the File Location tab and browse to the folder in which you want to install the Verastream SDK.

  4. (Optional) If you are planning to use the SDK to develop .NET or COM-based applications, click the Feature Selection tab and select the VSDK COM/.NET Support option.
    The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is required for this option.

  5. Click the Advanced Tab, and select Install To This PC. If you want to create a log file, check Create A Log File For This Installation.

    If selected, the log file is created in the Windows Temp folder with a naming format of atm-tendigitnumber.log.

  6. When you have reviewed all the prompts for the product configuration, click Install Now.

    The install summary page appears.

To install the Verastream SDK on a UNIX machine:
  1. Insert the Verastream SDK CD into the CD-ROM drive.


    Copy or FTP the contents of the install CD to your UNIX system.

  2. Use the utilities appropriate for your particular UNIX system to g-unzip verastreamSDKunix.tar.gz.

    This produces verastreamSDKunix.tar.

  3. Un-tar verastreamSDKunix.tar to a temporary directory.

  4. Change directories to the temporary directory.

  5. Execute the script and follow the prompts.

    The install script confirms your acceptance of the license agreement and the install location.

    Once the Verastream SDK has been successfully installed, you may remove the temporary installation directory.

Using Programs and Features to Add .NET Support

If you installed the Verastream SDK without .NET support, and you wish to add .NET support, you can do so using the the Windows Control Panel.

To add .NET support:
  1. From the Windows Control Panel, open Programs and Features.

  2. Select the entry for Attachmate Verastream SDK.

  3. Select Change.

    The Verastream SDK install utility appears.

  4. Click the Feature Selection tab, and then change the value for the VSDK COM/.NET Support feature to Will Be Installed.

  5. Click Continue.

Creating an Administrative Image or .mst Transform of the Verastream SDK

This procedure allows you to create an administrative install image (.msi) or a customized .mst transform file. These files are typically placed on a network server for large scale deployment. The transform file can then be included with a command line switch to automatically install the customized version of this product. For more information, see Deploying a Customized Installation (.mst Transform File).

To create an administrative image:
  1. From the distribution (or CD) image, click the file setup.exe, and then follow the instructions on the installer.

  2. (.mst Transform Only) To create a .mst transform file, complete each tab in the wizard that applies to your situation.

    Note If you are creating a duplicate install image, use only the Advanced tab. Configurations made on other tabs will be ignored.

  3. On the Advanced tab, click one of the following options:

    To do this 
    Select this
    Duplicate the install image Create an Administrative Install Image On A Server

    This option creates a duplicate install image.

    Create a .mst transform file Save These Settings

    This option creates a transform file (.mst) of all changes to the default installation, including feature selections, user information, and install location.

  4. Click Continue, and then browse to the folder you want to use for the administrative installation image.

    Administrative installation images are typically created in a file server folder. However, you can create administrative installation images in any folder on a local hard disk, which can be useful for testing purposes.

  5. Click Install Now.

    Your duplicated image or transform file is now ready to be installed on a workstation or deployed over a network for installation.

    For more information on the command line switches used to install the Verastream SDK from a .mst file, see Deploying a Customized Installation (.mst Transform file).

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