Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines 5.0 SP1 Update 1 Release Notes

January, 2018

These release notes describe the new features and product enhancements for Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines 5.0 SP1 (released in September, 2017) and Unisys and Airlines 5.0 SP1 Update 1 (released in January, 2018):

1.0 What’s New?

The Verastream SDK uses the FIPS 140-2 validated BCJFA 1.0.0 package from The Legion of the Bouncy Castle to establish secure sessions using the SSL/TLS protocol. The packages are validated for use with Java versions 1.7 and higher. They require that the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files be installed in the JRE. Their operation also requires that you set up a keystore file for use in authentication.

NOTE:Unisys and Airlines 5.0 SP1 Update 1 has been upgraded to use the bc-fips-1.0.1 and bctls-fips-1.0.3 jar files to address security vulnerability CVE-2017-13098. This will require updating the classpath for applications using secure connections. (Version 5.0 SP1 (without the update) uses the bc-fips-1.0.0 and bctls-fips-1.0.1 jar files.)

The FIPS 140-2 validated RSA BSAFE SSL-J package from RSA is not supported in this release. If you are upgrading the SDK for an application that uses FIPS 140-2 security, you will need to modify your solution as shown in Section 3.0, Upgrading from Previous Releases.

2.0 Installation

2.1 Before You Start

Before you start, make sure your system has the required prerequisites.

  • Make sure that the Microsoft .NET framework and the Oracle JRE are installed as required. The Verastream SDK setup tool does not install the .NET framework or the JRE. You will need to install them separately.

    For COM and .NET applications, make sure that .NET Framework 4.0 or higher is installed.

    For all applications, make sure that Oracle SE 1.7.0_51 JRE or higher is installed. For COM and .NET applications, use the 32-bit JRE. (COM and .NET applications developed with the Verastream SDK do not support the 64-bit JRE.)

  • Verify that your machine meets the system requirements as shown in System Requirements (

2.2 Installing the Verastream SDK on a Server or a Workstation

You can install the Verastream SDK on a workstation, or you can create an administrative installation. An administrative installation image is a network share that includes an image of the downloaded product distribution or CD. This image can later be used to install the SDK on multiple workstations, either through end-user installations or by using deployment tools.

See the instructions for Installing the Verastream SDK (

3.0 Upgrading from Previous Releases

The use of the Bouncy Castle packages (new in this release) has introduced new requirements for applications. If your application uses secure connections in FIPS140 mode, you will need to modify your solution to meet the following requirements:

  • If FIPS140 mode is used for any connection, it must be used for all secure connections. The mixing of FIPS140 and non-FIPS140 sessions is no longer supported.

  • The only acceptable keystore format in FIPS140 mode is the BCFKS format. Any other format results in connection errors. Existing keystores must be converted to (or recreated in) BCFKS format.

Applications which do not use FIPS140 mode should not require any changes (though SSL 3.0 is no longer supported).

Follow the instructions in Setting up the SDK for Secure Connections ( to set up your application to connect with security.

4.0 Obtaining your Product Update

Customers with a current maintenance plan are eligible to download Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines from the Attachmate Download Library at

For more information on using the Download Library, see Technical Note 0200 (

NOTE:The product download is a full product package that can be used for new installations or to upgrade existing installations.

5.0 Additional References

6.0 Legal Notice

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