Verastream SDK for Airlines
Using the Verastream SDK with Eclipse

To use the Verastream SDK within Eclipse's IDE, you must add the SDK .jar files to each project you want to develop using the SDK. Once completed, the SDK objects are accessible within that project. A simple test project is recommended to ensure full functionality before project development.

Note If you are deploying your SDK application as a web application (such as a JSP or servlet application), you must install the SDK on the same server.
Complete the following steps to add the SDK .jar files to a project:
  1. Create a new project or open the properties for an existing one.

  2. Navigate to the Libraries tab, as follows:
    For this project type
    Do this
    New project Complete the New Java Project wizard as prompted, and when you reach the Java Settings page, click the Libraries tab.
    Existing project On the project's Properties page, select Java Build Path, and then select the Libraries tab.

  3. From the Libraries tab, click Add External JARs.

    The JAR Selection dialog box appears.

  4. Browse to the SDK .jar files, which are located in the default installation location (<Installation drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\VerastreamSDK).

  5. Add the following .jar files, and then click Open:                        
    • SessionLoader.jar                                
    • Mutable.jar                                
    • ObjectManager.jar                                
    • jScreentype.jar, where type corresponds to the screen type your application uses, such as T27 or ALC.   

  6. Click Finish to exit the New Java Project wizard, or click OK to close the project properties.

The sample application JSP illustrates how to use the SDK with JSP.

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