Verastream SDK for Airlines
Common Tasks

Listed below are tasks outlining the essentials of using the Micro Focus Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines objects. Because each topic builds upon the points made in the previous topic, we recommend that you read the following topics in successive order.

Note Before you create an extensive application, it is recommended that you design a simple test project to ensure full functionality.
  • Defining an XML Configuration shows you how to define a configuration for your application, which allows you to connect to a host.

  • Development Tools Supported lists the development tools you can use with the SDK. From here you can select your preferred development tool from the list to view specific instructions for making the SDK available to each application you create.

  • Capturing Data from Host Screens shows you how to copy data from host sessions to a front-end application, letting you control how host data is presented to the end user.

  • Host Timing Considerations explains how to program with wait-related methods to accommodate potential host processing delays.

  • Handling Events explains how to implement the event notification interfaces within your application, for handling host session and host transport events.

  • Handling Exceptions discusses error and exception handling with Micro Focus Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines objects.

  • Deploying SDK Applications in Tomcat Environments explains how to deploy SDK applications for ASP, JSP, and Java in environments using the Tomcat application server.

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