Verastream SDK for Airlines
C# Sample Code

The sample application CSharpEvents is written in C#, and it demonstrates how to connect to ALC Apollo in order to receive events in .NET using delegates. It also shows how to place the application screen in and out of structured data mode. Structured data mode allows the application to send binary (non-screen based) transactions to the host.

CSharpEvents is located in the (default) <Installation_drive>\Program Files(X86)\Micro Focus\VerastreamSDK\Samples\.NET\CSharp.

To set up and run this sample application, you must  to do the following:

  • Modify the sample application source code to include the structured data you want to send in the following string:

    string testString = "This is a structured data mode test";

  •  Provide the address of the configuration server and the client ID of the workstation on the command line when you run the application.

To run this application, you'll need to Enter a valid user ID and password to sign on to the host.

For more information about XML configurations, see Defining an XML Configuration.

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