Verastream SDK for Airlines
Using a MATIP Concentrator

MATIP allows several terminal objects to use the same TCP connection to connect to the host via a Concentrator. Each terminal object connects to one common Concentrator, and in turn, the Concentrator connects to the host, opening only one TCP connection. This is the default behavior of the Verastream SDK. Because each screen object within the Verastream SDK represents a single terminal, you must specify one set of Concentrator XML parameters for each screen object that you intend to route through the Concentrator.

Besides concentrating terminal objects over the same TCP connection to the host, the Concentrator can also do the following:

  • Listen for outbound open requests from the Host.

  • Handle the WorldSpan Extended MATIP protocol extensions (ALC only).

Your application can bypass the Concentrator and connect directly to the host as long as it does not need to support outbound opens or WorldSpan. To bypass the Concentrator, set the ConcentratorHost parameter to "", and use a different ASCU MATIP address for each connection established.

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