Verastream SDK for Airlines
Deploying a Customized Installation (.mst Transform File)

To create a customized administrative installation image including an .mst transform file, see Installing the Verastream SDK. Once you have created an .mst transform file, it can then be included with setup.exe via a command line switch to install the customized version of the Verastream SDK. The Micro Focus Install Program (setup.exe) is an external UI handler for MSI databases, and it adheres to MSI standards.

To install an .mst file you've created on a workstation, type the following at a command prompt:

setup.exe /option /install TRANSFORMS=<drive:\path\transformname.mst>

More comprehensive customization options are available with the Micro Focus Installation Customization Tool,  which can be invoked from an Administrative install image with the setup.exe /admin switch.

The following table lists the options available with the various setup.exe switches. You can also see a list of these parameters by typing Setup.exe /? at a command prompt.

Use the following syntax to invoke these parameters:

setup.exe /option /param_name ARGUMENT=<argument_detail>
Setup.exe Parameters/Switches
Category Parameter Description
Required /option This parameter is required for all commands.
Install Options /install Installs the product with the default settings.

This parameter can include other MSI options, except for logging, restart, update (patch), or UI level commands. If those options are necessary, use msiexec.exe directly.

This parameter takes the following optional arguments:
  • TRANSFORMS=<semicolon delimited path(s) to transform file(s)>
  • ADVERTISE | ADDLOCAL | ADDSOURCE | REMOVE=<comma delimited list of feature names>
/install /admin <TARGETDIR=path> Performs an administrative installation of the product.

The following TARGETDIR= argument is required:

TARGETDIR=<path to Administrative install point on server>
Maintenance Options /admin Starts the installation UI (the ACT) in customization mode.
Display Options /passive The installation UI runs in unattended mode, which shows only the progress bar with no Cancel button.
/quiet The installation UI runs in quiet mode, which has no user interaction.
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