Verastream SDK for Airlines
Presentation Space Formats

A presentation space can be either formatted or unformatted.

An Unformatted Presentation Space

In an unformatted presentation space, all data is seen as text and arranged by specific location, starting with 0,0 or Home, meaning the top left corner. Micro Focus Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines objects see the unformatted presentation space as one large field that starts at the first location in the space and ends at the last location.

Because there are no individually defined fields in an unformatted presentation space, your host access application can use SDK objects to write information in any presentation space location. However, when writing a host access application, you must be sure that your application writes data in the location that is read by the host. Some host applications read information from specific locations in an unformatted presentation space; others read the entire space. When designing your host access application, determine how the host application reads an unformatted presentation space.

A Formatted Presentation Space

In a formatted presentation space, the data is generally structured into individual fields, such as labels and text boxes. Fields in a formatted presentation space are defined by the attributes of each individual control.

Note The SDK screen object cannot modify the field or extended attributes; it can only read the attributes using the findField, findFieldEx, and getExtPS methods (Javadoc and .NET).

Each field has attributes that define the type of information that can be typed in that field, as well as the appearance of the field on the screen. For example, field attributes can specify the following types of information:

  • Whether or not the field is protected (read-only) or unprotected (read and write)

  • The type of data allowed in the field (alphanumeric or numeric)

  • The appearance of the field (color, blinking, reverse video)

  • Whether or not the field has been modified

Caution Failure to take these attributes into account can cause your application to send erroneous data to the host.

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