Attachmate Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines
Version 4.0

Release Notes
August 2007

© 2007 Attachmate Corporation.


This file contains late-breaking information about the Attachmate Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines.


The following changes were made for this release:

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(Windows users only) You must uninstall any previous versions of the Verastream SDK before installing this version.

To install the Verastream SDK on a UNIX machine:
  1. Insert the Verastream SDK CD into the CD-ROM drive.


    Copy or FTP the contents of the install CD to your UNIX system.

  2. Use the utilities appropriate for your particular UNIX system to g-unzip verastreamSDKunix.tar.gz.

    This produces verastreamSDKunix.tar.

  3. Un-tar verastreamSDKunix.tar to a temporary directory.

  4. Change directories to the temporary directory.

  5. Execute the script and follow the prompts.

    The install script confirms your acceptance of the license agreement and the install location.

    Once the Verastream SDK has been successfully installed, you may remove the temporary installation directory.

To install the Verastream SDK on a Windows Machine:
Note: You must log on with administrator privileges to install the product. If you do not have the necessary access rights, ask your system administrator to elevate your privileges.
  1. From the distribution (or CD) image or an administrative installation image, click the vhisdk-4.0-prod-w32.exe file, and then follow the instructions for the installer.

  2. (Optional) To personalize the installation, click the User Information tab and enter the name, organization, and Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) number (if you have a VPA).

    VPA numbers are issued by Attachmate for volume purchase agreements. These numbers allow customer support to expedite service requests.

  3. (Optional) To change the default installation folder, click the File Location tab and browse to the folder in which you want to install the Verastream SDK.

  4. (Optional) If you are planning to use the SDK to develop .NET or COM-based applications, click the Feature Selection tab and select the VSDK COM/.NET Support option.

    The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required for this option.

  5. Click the Advanced Tab, and select Install To This PC. If you want to create a log file, check Create A Log File For This Installation.

    If selected, the log file is created in the Windows Temp folder with a naming format of atm-tendigitnumber.log.

  6. When you have reviewed all the prompts for the product configuration, click Install Now.

    The install summary page appears.

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The original Attachmate e-Vantage Airlines SDK interface is supported in this version. However, the Verastream SDK no longer supports the Microsoft JVM. As a result, the Verastream SDK contains different .tlb, .jar, .dll, and .h files than previous versions, and the screen object files have been consolidated into fewer files.

To use applications developed with the e-Vantage Airlines SDK, any existing CLASSPATH environment variables or makefiles/projects should be updated to reference the new jar files (Mutable.jar, SessionLoader.jar, ObjectManager.jar, jScreenUts.jar, jScreenAlc.jar, jScreenTn5250.jar, jScreenTn3270.jar, jScreenVt.jar, and jScreenT27.jar) where applicable.

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Help Links to the Javadoc and .NET Reference Guides Fail on CD

Because of differences between the CD image and the installed image of the Verastream SDK Help, links to the Javadoc and .NET Reference Guides fail when you browse the Help on the product CD; these links work properly in the installed Help. Likewise, links from the Javadoc and .NET Reference Guides to the Help also fail when you browse the product CD; those links also work properly in the installed reference guides. You can, however, review both the Javadoc and the .NET reference guides as well as the Help before you install the product.

Once the product is installed, these documents are available in the following locations, which you may want to bookmark for later reference:

Documentation Location
Verastream SDK Help <Installation Location>\documentation\content\airlinessdk.htm
Javadoc Reference Guide <Installation Location>\javadoc\index.html
.NET Reference Guide <Installation Location>\documentation\ndoc\index.html


<Installation Location>\documentation\ndocs\VerastreamSDK40Reference.chm

Links to the Verastream SDK Help from the .NET Reference Guide Fail

The links to the Verastream SDK Help from VerastreamSDK40Reference.chm fail. However, these links are valid in the installed .html version of the .NET Reference Guide.

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