Class Description
Public class ScreenUPG Provides programmatic access to host screens. Supports the following host types: ALC, IBM 3270, IBM 5250, T27, UTS and VT.


  Interface Description
Public interface IScreenListenerEx Provides programmatic access to events generated by the host presentation space. For use with COM and .NET based programming languages only. For Java based languages, use IScreenListener.


  Delegate Description
NestedPublic delegate ScreenUPG.onConnectionLostHandler onConnectionLost event delegate.
NestedPublic delegate ScreenUPG.onErrorHandler onError event delegate.
NestedPublic delegate ScreenUPG.onLostRemoteWindowHandler onLostRemoteWindow events delegate.
NestedPublic delegate ScreenUPG.onScreenChangedHandler onScreenChanged events delegate.
NestedPublic delegate ScreenUPG.onScreenShapeChangedHandler onScreenShapeChanged event delegate.
NestedPublic delegate ScreenUPG.onStatusReceivedHandler onStatusReceived events delegate.