Deploying SDK Applications in Tomcat Environments

SDK applications for ASP, JSP, and Java can be deployed in environments using the Tomcat application server once the environment is set up properly. For information on deploying SDK applications in WebSphere or WebLogic application servers, see the WebLogic or WebSphere product documentation.

To deploy SDK applications in a Tomcat environment:
  1. Create an application directory for your application in Tomcat (for example, Tomcat\webapps\myApp).

  2. Inside this directory, create a subdirectory called WEB-INF (for example, Tomcat\webapps\myApp\WEB-INF).

  3. Inside WEB-INF, create a lib directory (for example, Tomcat\webapps\myApp\WEB-INF\lib).

  4. Copy the following SDK .jar files from the installation location to the lib directory you just created (Tomcat\webapps\myApp\WEB-INF\lib):

    • SessionLoader.jar

    • Mutable.jar

    • ObjectManager.jar

    • jScreentype.jar, where type corresponds to the screen type your application uses, such as T27 or ALC.

    Note An example of a properly set up WEB-INF\lib directory is created in tomcat\webapps\examples when Tomcat is installed.
  5. Restart Tomcat.

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