Values stored in variables can change during the course of process execution. The Validate activity validates the values of variables against their associated XML and WSDL data definition.

Using the Validate activity:

To add a validate activity to the process:

  1. From the palette, drag a Validate activity to the BPEL Editor.
  2. In the Properties view, on the Details tab, click Add.
  3. In the Select Variable dialog box, select one or more process variables for validation against their XML or WSDL definition.


Property Description Required?
Variables Listing of the variables to validate Yes
Name You can select a name for the Assign activity. Names cannot contain spaces or special characters. no
Join Behavior A join condition is a Boolean expression which provides status on incoming links. A join condition is a property of all activity types.

When the join condition evaluates to true, the process continues normally.
When a join condition evaluates to false, the process can throw a joinFailure fault.
The attribute Suppress Join Failure specifies whether a join failure is suppressed for the whole process. You can override this option at the activity level and it can be specified as a preference for all new processes.


Context Menu Options

Options Description
Insert before Select another activity to add to the process before the Validate activity is performed


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