Interface ParseRecordEvent

All Superinterfaces:
EntityEvent, Event, HostSessionEvent, ModelEvent, RecordEvent, RecordSetEvent

public interface ParseRecordEvent
extends RecordEvent

Parse record event information.

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Method Summary
 FieldLocation createFieldLocation(int offset, int length)
          Creates a field location using linear coordinates.
 java.util.Map defaultParseRecord()
          Gets the default field locations as defined by the model.
 RectangularTerminalRegion getRecordRegion()
          Gets the rectangular region which describes the contents of the record.
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Method Detail


RectangularTerminalRegion getRecordRegion()
Gets the rectangular region which describes the contents of the record. Note that this region will always have an offset of zero since it does not necessarily represent a contiguous region on the screen. In fact when a record is split across screens, a portion of the region will not be on the current screen.

the contents of the record


java.util.Map defaultParseRecord()
Gets the default field locations as defined by the model. The contents of the returned map can be modified and used as the event's return value.

A map of field names to FieldLocation objects


FieldLocation createFieldLocation(int offset,
                                  int length)
Creates a field location using linear coordinates.

offset - the zero-based offset from the start of the record
length - the length of the field
a FieldLocation object describing the field's location
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - if the offset or length is invalid