Class SearchByKeywordProcedureHandler

  extended by com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ProcedureEventHandler
      extended by conditionalprocedure.SearchByKeywordProcedureHandler
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public class SearchByKeywordProcedureHandler
extends com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ProcedureEventHandler

Implement a keyword search procedure for the Bobcat library system.

This procedure executes a search for keyword, and handles several possible valid outcomes:

Field Summary
static java.lang.String description
static int executeProcedureTimeout
          Set a nonstandard timeout for this procedure.
private static java.lang.String searchAttribute
          Name of attribute which holds search command.
private static java.lang.String searchEntity
          Name of entity at which search starts.
private static java.lang.String searchOperation
          Name of "search by keyword" operation.
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ProcedureRecordSet executeProcedure(com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ExecuteProcedureEvent event)
          Retrieve search results from different entities and recordsets.
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String description
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Constant Field Values


public static final int executeProcedureTimeout
Set a nonstandard timeout for this procedure. Scrolling through a large set of records could take a while.

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Constant Field Values


private static final java.lang.String searchOperation
Name of "search by keyword" operation.

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Constant Field Values


private static final java.lang.String searchAttribute
Name of attribute which holds search command.

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Constant Field Values


private static final java.lang.String searchEntity
Name of entity at which search starts.

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Constructor Detail


public SearchByKeywordProcedureHandler()
Method Detail


public com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ProcedureRecordSet executeProcedure(com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ExecuteProcedureEvent event)
                                                           throws com.wrq.apptrieve.agent.ApptrieveException
Retrieve search results from different entities and recordsets.

This procedure event handler validates the input parameter and executes a search operation to retrieve the search results. It uses the destination entity to decide whether the host application detected an error (in which an exception is returned) or actually generated search results.

In the case that a single result is found, the various attributes on the singleton result entity are mapped to output columns and returned as a single-row recordset

In the case that multiple results are returned, the job of parsing the records into fields is done by the recordset handler. This method takes the parsed fields and places them into the result records. In particular, publication titles can span two lines: this handler rejoins the lines and returns them as a single Title column.

executeProcedure in class com.wrq.vhi.script.api.ProcedureEventHandler
event - the event instance
the procedure result