Welcome to the Host Integrator Server Reference

The Verastream® Host Integrator (VHI) Server Reference provides online documentation for the Host Integrator Server and the Administrative WebStation. To find information and tips for working with Host Integrator, use the navigation tree links or click the Search button above. To view a glossary of Host Integrator terms, click the Glossary button. This reference includes a series of overview topics and procedures:

Overview: Describes the various Host Integrator components and explains how they work together. If you are new to Host Integrator, this is a good place to start.

Procedures to help you configure your Host Integrator environment, including:

About the Host Integrator Administrative WebStation

The Administrative WebStation is a browser-based tool that allows administrators to remotely view and configure Host Integrator Security, Servers, and Domains. Using a web browser, an administrator can connect to the Administrative WebStation from any computer that has network access to the machine where it's installed.

About the Host Integrator Server

The Host Integrator Server provides seamless integration of host application data and business logic into client/server and web applications. The Host Integrator Server supports multi-tier client/server and web application architecture and is designed to provide concurrent access by thousands of web application users to host information systems and applications. Using the Host Integrator Server, a single web or client/server application can concurrently access data on a variety of host systems, such as: