Configuring Session Pools

To modify a session pool configuration:

  1. Log on to the Administrative WebStation using an Administrator profile and switch to configure mode.

  2. In the Administrative WebStation navigation tree, click Servers, and then click the name of the server you want to configure.

  3. In the navigation tree under the server name, click Server Configuration, click Session Pools, and then click the name of the session pool you want to configure.

  4. In the panel for the session pool you've selected, you can configure any of the following options: For information about a specific option, review Session Pool Options.

    Note: You can also configure these options in the Session Pools panel.

  5. You can add model variables to the session pool.

  6. After modifying the session pool configuration, click Submit or Save
    Note: If your browser's security is set to alert you when an insecure page is encountered, you may not be able to add a session pool to a server. If the property frame in the Administrative WebStation remains unchanged after you add a model, try switching from Config to View mode or refreshing the current page to update the property frame.