Model Configuration

To view or modify the model configuration for a Host Integrator Server, click the server name, click Server Configuration, and then click Model Configuration in the Administrative WebStation navigation tree.

To view or configure an option, select it. If you are in view mode, you can view configuration and status information, but you cannot modify it. If you are logged on using the administrator profile, you can switch the Administrative WebStation to configure mode and modify a server's configuration.

The models panel lists models that have been added to the Host Integrator Server. If the Administrative WebStation is in configure mode, you can remove models from the server, as well as configure the Host Name and Host Port ID.

For each model listed, the following information is displayed:

Select: To select a model from the list, click the triangle icon. A yellow icon indicates that the model is currently selected.

Model Name: Specifies the name of the model.

Model Version: Specifies the version number assigned to the model when it was saved in the Design Tool.

Host Name: Specifies the host the model connects to from this server. The name specified here overrides the name stored in the model.
Note: The host names that are listed here are specified in the Hosts panel. You can select a name from the list, or type a name that's not listed.

Host Port ID: Specifies the port ID for the host connection. The port ID specified here overrides the port ID stored in the model.

Model Debug Message Recording: Specifies the model debug message reporting level for the model. Options include Record Nothing, Record Errors, and Record Everything. Use the Design Tool Model Debug Messages tool to troubleshoot and debug your model. Configure recording options on the Server Properties page of the Administrative WebStation.

Adding Models to the List

To add a model, use commands to deploy a model package.

Removing Models from the List

To remove a model from the list, select the model and then click Remove Model. Only one model can be removed at a time. Click Submit or Save to save the updated list.