Log Messages

The Log Messages panel allows you to specify which Host Integrator messages interact with the SNMP subsystem when they occur during operation.

For information about the Host Integrator SNMP feature, see SNMP Configuration.

To configure SNMP log messages:

  1. Log on to the Administrative WebStation using an Administrator profile and switch it to configure mode.

  2. In the Administrative WebStation navigation tree, click the name of the server you want to configure, and then click Server Configuration.

  3. In the navigation tree, click Server Configuration, click SNMP Configuration, and then click Log Messages.

  4. In the navigation tree, messages are divided into several categories. Select a category to configure.

  5. Each log message category panel displays a table, listing the log message ID, type, and description of each message. The last column in the table allows you to specify how you want this message handled. Select one of the following:
  6. After you complete this panel, click Submit.

  7. Repeat this process for each category you want to configure.

  8. Click Submit or Save to save your changes.