Session Pool Status

Administrative WebStation server status lists information about deployed session pools. Click the Idle Sessions option beneath the named session pool to see status information on any idle session in the pool. Status for sessions in a selected session pool includes the following:

Session Pool Name — Specifies the name of the pool. Typically, the session pool name and the model name are the same.

Model Name — Specifies the model used for sessions in the pool. This is the model name that was selected when the session pool was created.

Model Version — Specifies the date and time that the model was deployed.

Startup Entity — Specifies the entity the host session will be initialized to when a Data Object attaches to the host session. If the host session is returned to the pool when the Data Object releases it, it will automatically return to this entity for the next Data Object.

Host Name — Specifies the host the sessions in the pool connect to. The name specified here overrides the name stored in the model.

Host Port ID — Specifies the host port ID that the sessions in the pool connect to. The port ID specified here overrides the port ID stored in the model.