Working with Host Integrator Servers

Host Integrator Servers that are registered with the currently selected directory server are listed in the Administrative WebStation navigation tree under Servers. Dark orange icons indicate Servers that are currently running; gray icons indicate Servers that are installed but are not running.

Note: If you are unable to connect to a Server that is listed as currently running, or if an installed Server is not listed in the navigation tree, review the troubleshooting tips.

To work with a particular Server, select it in the Administrative WebStation navigation tree. When you do this, the Administrative WebStation connects to the Server and the following options are displayed:

Server Configuration

Server Status

To expand an option, select it. If you are in view mode, you can view configuration and status information, but you cannot modify it. If you are logged on using the Administrator profile, you can switch the Administrative WebStation to configure mode and modify Server configurations.