Host Integrator Log Viewer Utility

The Host Integrator Log Viewer allows an administrator to securely perform detailed queries against the Host Integrator Log Manager. This is one of several logging utilities in Verastream Host Integrator.

While similar in function to the integrated web-based log viewer within the Administrative WebStation, it provides additional options.

Connecting to the Server

Click Connect on the Connection menu to establish a connection between the application and the Host Integrator Server containing the messages you wish to view. In the Connect to Log Manager dialog box, type in the Hostname of the Host Integrator Server. If security is enabled on your Host Integrator installation, select the Authenticate check box: You then must provide valid credentials on the subsequent Authentication Settings dialog box in order to gain access to the logs. After you have completed your Log Viewer session, click Disconnect.

Creating a Query

On the Query menu, click New Query and type in a query to be run against the selected message store. The default query, select * from messages, displays all messages.

Type the following query in the Specify Query dialog box to return all columns, in the default order, of any messages that occurred after 10:00 am, May 2, 2005.

select * from messages where msgtime > timestamp '2001-02-05 10:00:00'

For information on the format of the SQL query language supported by the Host Integrator Log Viewer, see SQL Dialect of the Host Integrator Logging System.

The statement entered will be run against the message store selected at the bottom of the dialog box.

Viewing Query Results

The results of the query are scrollable. The statement describing the query will determine the order and number of columns displayed. You can reorder columns by dragging the associated column header with the mouse. Left-click a column header to sort on that column. The first click will sort the rows using the column's values in ascending order. A second click on the same column header will sort the rows using the column's values in descending order.

Use the Copy command on the Edit menu to copy selected contents to the Clipboard in plain text format, or use the Copy to HTML option to copy the contents to the Clipboard in HTML format. The messages are copied as currently displayed.

Click Prev and Next to recall the last ten queries entered in the Specify Query dialog box.
You can also repeat the last query by selecting Last Query from the Query menu. You can clear all messages from a message store using the Clear Log option. This action clears the message store that was last queried. If security is enabled on the Host Integrator installation, you must be logged in under an Administrator profile to clear a message store.

Query Options

The log viewer includes time and display options. These options, as well as the query history, are retained on a per user basis.

The Time Formats menu item allows you to configure the display format of dates and times, and include Time Only (12 hour), Time Only (24 hour), Date and Time (12 hour), Date and Time (24 hour), and SQL timestamp.

The UI Style menu item allows you to choose the graphical style of the UI, including Metal, CDE Motif, and Windows.

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