Display String


Event name (WaitForDisplayString "String", "Timeout", Row, Column, Relative)

Event Description

Begins a wait that is satisfied by the appearance of the specified string at the row and column coordinates on the terminal screen. The string can be received from the host or typed by the user. The operation is paused until the wait expires or is satisfied.

Event Properties

Enter a name for your event in the Event name box.

Event Parameters

String Argument type: String
  The string that can terminate the wait.
Timeout Argument type: String
  Specifies an interval of time in HH:MM:SS format that can terminate the wait. If this method times out, an error occurs.
Row Argument type: Integer
  The row in which the string must be received.
Column Argument type: Integer
  The column in which the string must be received.
Relative Select Yes or No to choose whether or not this event is relative to the other events in the Events list.