VT Local Echo Default

Selecting this check box causes each character typed at the keyboard to be immediately displayed on the screen. When you're communicating with the host computer (the Online check box in the Emulation tab of Terminal Setup is selected), each character typed at the keyboard is transmitted to the host. Most host systems (for example, a VAX running VMS) immediately send the same character back to the terminal (that is, echo the character). The character is not displayed on the screen until it is received back from the host.

When you're online and you select this check box, each character is sent two places: directly to display memory (the screen) and to the host computer. On an echoing host system, this means that each character you type appears twice on the screen. Select this check box only when communicating with host systems that do not echo each typed character, for example, some public networks.

Note: This setting is saved as part of the model's default settings, and will be used when initially connecting or resetting a session. Another setting, VT Local Echo, reflects the current terminal state, which can be changed by the host.