Telnet Terminal ID

This setting overrides the Model ID selected in Session Setup if the Transport Type is Telnet, and if the Session Type is IBM 3270 Terminal. It allows you to specify a Terminal Model that Host Integrator does not implicitly support (but might work with), such as Fujitsu.

For best results, specify one of the Terminal Models available in Session Setup and leave the Terminal ID box empty. When the Terminal ID box is empty, the Design Tool uses the Model ID defined in Session Setup by default. Only specify a Telnet Terminal ID, if after experimenting with other available Terminal Models IDs in Session Setup, you still cannot connect to the host.

If you must define a Telnet Terminal ID, specify a string you know is acceptable to the host. Otherwise, you may experience problems connecting to the host and emulation problems after connecting to the host. Typically, these types of problems occur if the host is not configured to recognize the terminal specified in the Telnet Terminal ID string.