HP Modify All Default

MODIFY ALL is F2 on the modes keys (to display the modes keys, press Alt+M or select Modes from the Function key set list on the Function Keys tab in the Terminal Setup dialog box).

When Host Integrator is in character/remote mode, MODIFY ALL lets you change text on the screen and retransmit the modified line to the host. This can save a lot of retyping. MODIFY ALL remains active until disabled by pressing F2 to remove the asterisk from the key label.

As an example, suppose you entered a long command and pressed Enter, only to have the command rejected by the host because of a typing mistake. With the modes keys displayed, use MODIFY ALL as follows:
  1. Press F2 to activate the mode.
  2. Position the cursor on the portion of the line that you want to correct.
  3. Correct the line by typing over, inserting, or deleting characters.
  4. Press Enter. Host Integrator retransmits the corrected version of the entire line.

The Difference Between Modify All and Line Modify

LINE MODIFY is disabled after you press Enter; MODIFY ALL stays active until you disable it (by pressing F2).


Note: This setting is saved as part of the model's default settings, and will be used when initially connecting or resetting a session. Another setting, HP Modify All, reflects the current terminal state, which can be changed by the host.