WaitForCommString "CommString", "Timeout", "Count"


Begins a wait that is satisfied by the reception of the specified string from the host. The operation containing the command is paused until the data communication string is received or the timeout expires.

When connecting to VT and HP character mode hosts, you can wait for datastream sequences that include nonprintable characters. As the terminal processes characters, you can copy and paste text from the Model Debug Messages dialog box into the String box.


Command Parameters

Count Argument type: Numeric
  Specifies the number of times a string is received from the host. The default value is 1.
String Argument type: String

The string that can terminate the wait. This string must be received from the host.

Note: Use the right-mouse button menu to copy and paste text instead of the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V keystrokes. A Paste button appears when the Host Integrator accepts special characters.

Timeout Argument type: String
  Specifies an interval of time in HH:MM:SS format that can terminate the wait. If this method times out, an error occurs.