Signature Analyzer (Pattern tab)

Use the Signature Analyzer to verify that all entities are uniquely identified. Select Signature Analyzer from the Debug menu to open the Signature Analyzer dialog box. The options available on the Pattern and Validation tabs of this dialog box can be used to compare and validate the signatures of any two entities in your host application model. The Design Tool performs the evaluation by comparing the patterns that have been defined for any two entities.

In the left portion of the dialog box, select the two entities to compare by clicking the down arrow next to the Entity and the Compare to lists and clicking the entities you want to compare. Miniature versions of the entities you select help you visualize the entities you are comparing. At the top center there are two icons representing the primary entity and the entity you're comparing it to. If the two entities match, both icons are green; if the entity you're comparing to the primary does not match, it appears in yellow.

Save Log button
To create a log file of the selected entity compared to the current screen, click the Save Log button. By default, the Save As dialog box appears and prompts you to save your model log file as <model name>_siglog.html in your \<VHI install directory>\models\<model name> folder.

Compare All button
To compare all defined entities to the current screen, click the Compare All button. A log file is written that describes if any of the defined entities match the current screen or if two entities are defined for the current screen. By default, the Save As dialog box appears and prompts you to save this model log file as <model name>_siglogall.html in your \<VHI install directory>\models\<model name> folder.

The Signature Analyzer displays the following information about the entities you are comparing:
Patterns from
The Patterns from box lists all the patterns defined for the primary entity. For each pattern, the Design Tool tells you whether it detects a match between any patterns in the primary entity and the one you are comparing it to. As you click the patterns in the list, notice that information about the selected pattern is displayed.
Specifies whether the pattern is in a specified region of the screen or relative to the cursor, and lists the location and size of the pattern (row, column, height, and width).

Field type tells you whether the field type is protected or unprotected. If you incorporated the text color into the pattern definition, the color appears next to Text color.

Pattern evaluation
The Pattern evaluation box specifies whether the selected pattern is defined as present or not present. If the pattern evaluation is defined as "Screen properties not present", then the screen signature is not considered to be complete unless this pattern is absent. The purpose of this setting is to allow you to specify the absence of a particular pattern as an indicator that an entity is unique.

The Text box displays the text that forms this pattern, and specifies whether it is case sensitive or defined as <blank>, <Any text>, <Any number> or <User specified>.

Note: The Design Tool is unable to recognize patterns under the following conditions: