Procedure Wizard—Introduction

The Procedure Wizard guides you through the creation of a procedure by prompting you for all the information necessary to create a procedure. Once created, you can edit your procedures using the Procedure Editor.

In the Procedure Wizard's first step, you are prompted for the following information:

Enter a name for this procedure in the Name box. The string limit is 36 characters. This is the name that client applications use when explicitly specifying a procedure name through the API.

Description Enter a description of this procedure in the Description box. The string limit is 36 characters.

Procedure Type
Select the procedure type. The options are:

Click Next to proceed to the next step or click Finish to exit the Procedure Wizard. You can view help for an particular pane in the Wizard by clicking the Help button.

Note: Using Web Builder, you can quickly and easily generate a web application, web service, or component interface based on the procedures of a host application model. If you plan to generate a web application from your model, be aware that the procedures for your tables will be exposed in the resulting web page(s) as links. Adopt a naming convention for your procedures that communicates their purpose to the end user.