Operation Confirm

Use the Operation Confirm dialog box to confirm that you want to add the operation created by the Design Tool. The following provides information about the read-only options and the settings provided:

Read-only option that displays the name of the operation.

Read-only option that displays the name of the entity on which the operation was created.

Read-only option that displays the entity to which the operation is navigating.

Displays the commands associated with the selected operation.

Right arrow button
Click to view a list of all available commands.

Minus button
To delete a command from the Commands list, select the command and click this button.

Up arrow button
Click to navigate up through the Commands list.

Down arrow button
Click to navigate down the Commands list.

Command description
Displays a description of the selected command.

Command parameters
Contains the parameters associated with the selected command. This information changes depending on the parameters of the selected command.

Approve button
Click to accept the auto-generated operation.

Discard button
Click to delete the auto-generated operation.

Clear button
Click to clear the Commands list.

Revert button
Click to revert Commands list back to the state it was in when this dialog box was launched.