Operation Conditions

Click the Conditions button on the Operation tab to open the Operation Conditions dialog box. Use this dialog box to configure options that verify that certain conditions, such as pre-conditions, required attributes, and/or error patterns, have been satisfied before an operation is evaluated during execution. The CheckOperationConditions command will fail if the condition fails during evaluation, which results in an operation exception at runtime. In order for these conditions to be verified, the CheckOperationConditions command is required as the first command in the operation. To cancel any changes and return to the default settings, click the Revert button.

The following options are available:

Assigning a pre-condition to an operation means that the pre-condition will have to be satisfied in order for this operation to be executed. To create a pre-condition for this operation, click the Edit button to open the Condition Edit dialog box.

Required attributes
To require that certain attributes are written to before validation of an operation, select the Required check box for one or more attributes.

Error patterns
Error patterns enable you to set up user-defined errors in your model. A pattern is a candidate for being an error pattern if it is not considered to be part of an entity signature. By default, all auto-generated and manually created patterns are configured to be a part of the entity signature. In order to change this setting, clear the Use in entity signature box on the Pattern tab.
Tip: A good candidate for an error pattern might be an error message that appears on the terminal screen when a nonexistent account number is sent to the host.
The following options are available to configure error patterns:
Assigning a post-condition to an operation means that the post-condition will have to be satisfied after the operation has been executed in order for it to be evaluated during operation execution. If the post-condition fails during evaluation, an operation exception will be issued at runtime. To create a post-condition for an operation, click the Edit button to open the Condition Edit dialog box.
Note: Post-conditions can only be used when the origin and destination of an operation are the same entity, for example, a page down operation. Defining a post-condition allows a final check to make sure the operation has navigated to the correct location.

The following buttons are also available:

Close—Click to close this dialog box.

Revert—Click to restore the previously saved values in this dialog box.

Help—Click to view the online help for this dialog box.